Plans of The Works

A selection of plans of the works, the first being an original Stewarts & Lloyds with the second two from the latter BSC days. The second two are from a larger print which was not complete so we only have two extracts at this time. Should anyone reading this have a complete one please get in touch.

NOTE : When you have clicked on an image, in some cases, it can be further enlarged by clicking again on the arrow box at the bottom r/h corner. To close the image simply click on it again.

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Overall Plan

A very good Stewarts & Lloyds plan of the works showing details of most of the main facilities. The top is east and the bottom is west. This is taken from a slide and so the edges are a little blurred. The main entrance would be on the mid left and the canal is shown passing through below in a rough ‘U’.

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Blast Furnace and North Melting Shop Area

A composite plan of this section of the works from BSC days with more detail on the buildings and their function.

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Rolling Mill

A closer view of the rolling mill facilities again taken from a BSC blueprint.

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Full Works Plan

Here is the complete plan. This was actually drafted for the demolition of the works in 1979. Best viewed in expanded format – click on the bottom r/h icon.